Giselle WangAssociate

    Giselle has practically spent her life turning science fiction into science fact. Maybe it began with a love of Asimov or Phillip K *** novels. But, instead of asking if Androids Dream of Electric Sheep, she wondered if the secret to defeating cancer was locked inside whale DNA.

    Because marine biology and harnessing the building blocks of life to find an innovative genetic cure of hypoxia for human patients with strokes, cardiovascular disorders, and cancer isn’t enough, she’s also a rock star. She is the lead singer/guitarist for her synth wave band and produces tracks that would feel right at home in the world of Blade Runner.

    So, what do you do next if you’re a roller skating, sci-fi loving, monofin diving, genome sequencing, whale studying, cancer fighting, rock star with a double major in marine biology and economics? You use everything you’ve learn to help make the world a better place by helping businesses develop more efficient and sustainable practices. Because this is the only planet we’ve got…for now.